Single String P Packer

For API 610 heavy-duty services, fully compliant with the most stringent NOC and IOC specifications



  • High pressure and temperature capabilities: 670 bar, 450°C
  • High efficiency and reliability with simplified maintenance
  • Pull-through design available on request


  • Internal volute casing and a back-to-back impeller configuration
  • Low net positive suction head
  • Reverse hydraulics available to operate as hydraulic power-recovery turbine


  • Refinery and petrochemical: reactor feed in hydrocracking, ammonia charge processes, carbamate
  • Enhanced oil recovery injection: treated seawater, seawater, CO₂ injection, oil flow line
  • Gas treatment: amine services for gas sweetening


IEG offers a wide range of completion tools such as this simple completion installation. It features a mandatory Sub-Surface Safety Valve (SSSV) at the top followed by tubing accessories such as flow coupling to smooth out any turbulent production fluid or gas.

Following down the hole, are the flow control tools such as lock mandrels and corresponding landing nipples. Sometimes a sliding sleeve communication tool is run to add additional control with the annulus between tubing OD and casing ID.

The Locator Seal unit stabbed into the packer provide flexibility for future workover while the packer stays in the hole as an effective isolation of production fluid with a plug at the bottom Selective Landing Nipple. 

Seal Bore Extension caters for tube movement due to temperature fluctuation. Wireline Entry guide at the bottom allows for ease of wireline instrument re-entry on it’s way back up.

Finally, the mill out extension provide a hang off for the packer mandrel when the slips and element are milled out.


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