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Tapping onto over 30 years of combined experience in downhole completion tools design, development, and manufacturing, IEG is a leading supplier of all upper completion tools such as Production Packers & Packer Accessories, Flow Control, Sub-Surface Safety Valve (SCSSV), as well as Flow Assurance.

We offer standard as well as customized tools to help customers overcome unique downhole challenges.

In addition to product development, our team possessed rich field experience to engage well bore engineers and help them addressed their problems such as material and seal selections, well barrier issues and we offer viable, functional, safe and cost effective solutions.

Our dedicated quick response team is dedicated to reduce design to field duration with raw material stock, excellent supply chain partners and efficient airport and seaport logistics and high quality workforce.

As an API Certified company, we ensure strict design and manufacturing quality compliance to Q1 and 11D1 and 14L monogram requirement.

Completion Design Selection / Ordering Information

The completion tools used in oil and gas well completion is as varied and complex as the reservoir or well bore itself. The packers, its accessories and flow control and subsurface safety systems must work as a unit throughout the life of the well. When ordering these equipment, many factors must be considered including the well type, procedures, geometry, and materials. Operational and well activities must also be considered.

IEG expertise in packer technology is supported by highly trained engineers, technical sales and field personnel. The following pages describe the required information needed to assist you in the designing your next well or evaluate the improvement options in an existing well.

Completion Design Selection / Ordering Information

The major consideration when selecting completion equipment is the type of well to be completed (new/re-complete, oil, gas, geo-thermal, artificial lift, injection, single, dual, multi-lateral, horizontal etc..) Other considerations include packer setting method, retrieval method and production fluid and treatment (service) such as for corrosion prevention.

Material Section


IEG offers various material configurations depending on well conditions. IEG highly trained engineers are able to assit you in the selection of the most cost effective metal and polymer required.

The following guidelines are used in selection of metals for our packers and reated tools:

  • Standard, non-corrosive service – Low alloy steels (e.g AISI 4140) with mechanical propetries compatible to API P110 tubulars.
  • Non-corrosive service containing H2S – Low alloy steels (AISI 4140) with mechanical propetries compatible to API L80 tubular.
  • Corrosive service with little or no H2S – Martensitis and H Stainless steels (9 Cr, 13Cr, 17-4PH, alloy 450, Super 13Cr) with mechanical propetries that vary from 80ksi to 110ksi minimum yield strength. The selection depends on the the service environment (PH, Chrorides, temperature, H2S etc.) and strength requirement.
  • Severely corrosive CO2 and H2S – Nickel alloy such as Incoloy 825, 925 and 718 at strength of 110ksi minimum yield strength or higher.

For equipment required for temporary function and then allowing for quick removal by drilling or milling an additional group of materials are used:

  • Cast iron
  • Composite reinforced polymer

In addition to the above, IEG can provide tools of other materials through our experiences and extensive network of raw materials suppliers.


Steel provide the strength needed in a tool but seal materials provide the crucial sealing and isolation of the pressure zones. Ideally it should be inexpensive, high strength and resilient to last throughout the life of the well or the intended duration. In addition to polymer, we have the technology to design and build metal-to-metal faced seal system.
Choosing the most appropriate seal requires a knowledge of the application and downhole conditions.
Compiled below is basic guideline of the type of seals and it application. Our engineers are trained to assist in the selection for conditions outside of these guidelines.


1) Production Packer

The main purpose of a production packer is to protect the casing and to isolate the production zone and allows operator’s effective control over their valuable  asset; the producing well and all the associated infrastructure above the well. IEG offers the permanent, retrievable and ESP packers product line. IEG also offers a full range of Packer accessories of various material and wide range of elastomers on request. 

Permanent Packer: AWD, MRH
Retrievable Packer: AHR, PHL, BAV
Special Application Packer: ESP
Packer Accessories:

  • Locator/ Anchored Seal Nipple: Locator Seal Nipple/ Assembly. LSR – Latch Sheared Release Seal Nipple/ Assembly
  • Travel Joint: MTJ – Keyed typed, N, V, A seal pack, MSJ – Spacer joint, MAJ – Adjustable Spacer Joint
  • Tubing Seal Receptacle: MTSR – Right Turn Released Tubing Seal Receptacle MX, MXN, MF, MR. MTSL– Left Turn Released Tubing Seal Receptacle MX, MXN, MF, MR
  • Other Accessories: Hydrotrip sub, On-Off Connectors, Pump out Ball seat Sub, Mule Shoe, Blast Joint, Flow Coupling, Shear out joint, Spacer Joint, Pup Joint, Perforated Pup joint

2) Sub-Surface Flow Control System

Flow control system allows the operator control of the well throughout the life of the well. For examples Landing Nipples are strategically placed in the completion string (production tubing) to allow for well testing and or intervention to be carried out safely. IEG offers a full range of plugs and sliding sleeve made from various materials and elastomers of operator’s choice.

35 MX – Landing Nipple
35 MXN – Bottom No-Go Landing Nipple
35 MR – Landing Nipple
35 MRN – Bottom No-Go Landing Nipple
36 MX – Lock Mandrel
36 MR –Lock Mandrel

30 MXCD – Sliding Sleeve
30 MXCDU – Up Open Sliding Sleeve
30 MRCD – Top No-Go Sliding Sleeve
30 MRCDU – Top No-Go Up Open Sliding Sleeve
30 MRQCD – Top No-Go Sliding Sleeve
30 MRQCDU – Top No-Go Up Open Sliding Sleeve

36MBP – Blanking plugs – MX, MXN, MR, MRN

3) Sub-Surface Safety System

Surface Controlled Sub-surface valve (SCSSV) is the first line of defence against well blow up. The fail safe system built into the valve is subjected to stringent rigorous testing and the intricate yet robust component will ensure no compromise to safe operation.

IEG wireline insert and tubing conveyed valves meet or exceed the stringent requirement. IEG valve utilize the flapper and metal seat system to achieve the tight seal result. Inconel springs were used to ensure long duration valve integrity in the event of shut off requirement.

70STCE – Tubing Conveyed Safety Valve
70VNE – Tubing Conveyed Safety Valve

 4) Well Intervention

Owing to the varying conditions (temperature and pressure) production fluid travelling up the wellbore pose numerial challenges such as precipitation, buildup of parrifin and scale in downhole tubing, flow control and safety systems and surface processing equipment.

IEG developed effective down hole chemical injection mandrel with metal to metal faced check valves to allow operators to deliver mitigating chemicals to resolve the above challenges. Our check valves allows internal control line pressure testing while running downhole or at desired depth before injections commenced. 

Injection Mandrels body can be made from 4140 to 13Cr and Nickel 718 and 925. Valve are made from SS316, Inconel 718 and Inconel 825.

More than 100 of such mandrels has been successful deployed internationally in deep water, deep well installation.

39CIM – Chemical Injection Mandrel.


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