A proven range of single and multistage, horizontally and radially split designs for long-term reliability in harsh conditions



IEG’s 150,000ft2 facility is located in Kabil Integrated Industrial Estate (KIIE). Strategically located on the eastern seaboard of Indonesia’s Free Trade Zone island of Batam, Indonesia and its close proximity to Singapore.

Even more, IEG’s overseas operation in KIIE, Batam, is ideal and integral in serving the Asia Pacific region of the global oil & gas industry. Our operation in Indonesia not only allows for easy logistical access to supplies and distributors in Singapore, but also acts as a gateway to Indonesia’s oil & gas blocks and oil & gas projects along Australia’s northern coastline.

Our Indonesian facility is well equipped for welding, machining, surface blasting, painting, testing, repair and modification of oilfield and marine equipment.

Welding Machine Batam
Welding Sets (FCAW/MIG/TIG/SMAW/Gouching) Max Output 400-500 Amps 6
Heavy Duty Pipe Roller 2
Flame/Plasma CNC Plate Profile Cutter 1
CNC Machining Batam
YOUJI, Vertical Turning Lathe (Dia 63” x 43” L) 1
DOOSAN, Horizontal Turning Lathe (Dia 24” x 110”L) Max Bore thru Spindle : Dia 10” 4
KURAKI, Horizontal Boring & Milling (X-axis 79”, Y-axis 67”, Z-axis 59”) 1
Blasting & Painting Batam
Approved for Subsea, Drilling and Marine structures. Blasting & Painting Chamber – 7m (L) x 10m (W) x 8m (H) 1
Blasting Room Equipment: Grit Recycling System c/w Blast Pots; Dust Collector – 9,000cmh ; Paint Arrestor – 15,000cmh ; Vacuum Recovery System 30Kw ; Paint Boot & Paint Arrestor 30,000cmh c/w filter box 1 Set/ each
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