Hydraulic Workover Unit

Proudly designed and built by IEG for various applications, ranging from 340K / 460K / 600K for Rigsafe or Zone 2 operations


It is a versatile, cost-efficient method to perform well intervention activities, designed to be rigged up as a stand-alone unit. It is also to be utilized for the workover of existing offshore and land-based wells. It is tailored to accomplish all work-over functions achieved by a conventional rig with the added ability to perform with stress in snubbing and underbalanced circumstances. It has effective features that would enable rig owners to achieve profit and productivity maximization in their operations.

Modular Design

IEG Hydraulic Workover Units achieves its most fundamental profit enhancement by being modular with all component’s containers sized.

  • All components within container dimension.
  • All components can be disassembled to achieve a maximum per piece weight of 8.5 tons.
  • All materials have designated storage or shipping frames within the package to protect them.
  • All components have DNV lifting eyes for loading, unloading and assembly.

Product Scope

It currently comes in 3 Models, 340K, 460K and 600K. These models are pegged after their pounds lift force and can be customized to different well situations. All 3 units are modular and may be interchanged for different force requirements.


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