Coating - Phosphate. Epoxy. Xylan


Protective Coating is is the single most important factor influencing the application of cathodic protection. At IEG, we provide a full range of Protective Coating depending on the usage and functionality required.



At IEG, we are capable of carrying out Single coats all the way up to Four coat systems based on our in-house Painting procedures in compliance with the Customer’s specifications.

Our Blasting Chamber is capable of sandblasting, grit blasting and glass bead blasting on structures up to 6.7M wide, 9.6M in length, and 7M in height with a maximum weight of 12.5MT.

All coating is done in strict adherence to SSPC and inspected by in-house Nace Level II Inspectors.


At IEG, we are capable of Zinc Phosphate Coating to enhance product performance on wear surfaces and consistently form a coating of 1500 – 3000 mg/ft2 (16.2 to 32.3 g/m3).

Strict Zinc Phosphating Process in adherence to our in-house procedure to ensure proper surface preparation before blasting/acid prickling subjected to specified requirements.

In-house Stress Relief of parts before or after Phosphating can also be provided to customers that require such conditions.

Inspection available in-house include, coating weight, rub test and salt spray if required.

epoxy coating


IEG is capable of application of Xylan 1000 series covering Xylan 1014, 1052 and 1070 fluoropolymer coatings. Xylan 1000 series fluoropolymer coatings provide a thin resin-bonded layer of dry film lubricant intended to reduce friction and wear, prevent galling, and to provide anti-seize to the frictional surfaces of machined parts. Xylan 1014 – provides better abrasion resistance Xylan 1052 – contains a secondary lubricant, MoS2 for enhanced load-bearing, and high-pressure performance. Xylan 1070 – provides better lubricity


Maintaining MSDS at all sites where work is being carried out Control of work procedures displayed clearly in place Proper PPE in accordance to MSDS shall be used at all relevant times Disposal of waste materials (grit, solvents, paint residues, etc.) to be in accordance with local regulation with specific site disposal plan
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