Hydraulic Power Pack Unit


IEG’s Hydraulic Power Units can be built with DNV 2.7-1 certification. Depending on our client’s requirement, our units can be Zone 2 Compliance with the ability to run around the clock, 24hour operations.

Hydraulic Power Pack/Unit Design Components

An enormous, enduring hydraulic power unit made to operate under a variety of natural circumstances will have several design attributes to differentiate it from a quintessential pumping system. Some classic design features include:

Accumulators: These are containers that can be adhered to the hydraulic actuators. They get hold of water from the pumping mechanism. They increase and maintain fluid pressure to augment the motor pumping system.

Motor Pumps: IEG’s HPU are affixed with the Customers’ choice of engine, and paired with Durst Gearbox to provide the needed power, allowing the Hydraulic Vane Pumps to power any unit.

Hydraulic Tanks: The tank is a storage unit manufactured with sufficient volume to receive the pipes’ fluid drainage. It comes with an Oil Level and Temperature Gauge to ascertain Hydraulic Oil is stored at the right temperature and adequate to run all applications.

Filters: IEG’s HPU comes with several devoted filters that counter the restriction of the hydraulic liquid’s high pressure flow. Each filter is fitted with Pressure Gauges to monitor the filter’s flow rate and sustain a continual amount to each application.

Coolers and Heaters: To regulate temperature, an air cooler can be equipped near or behind the filter unit to forbid temperatures from going beyond operational parameters. Likewise, a heating system, such as an oil-based heater, can be used to increase temperatures when needed.

Power Unit Controllers: The hydraulic controller unit is the operator interface comprising power switches, displays, and monitoring features. It is required for installing and integrating a power unit into a hydraulic system. It is usually wired into the power unit.

Safety Devices: Built into the HPU are safety devices like oil temperature warning, rpm shut down, emergency shut down. etc..

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