Precision Machining


In addition to standard CNC turning and milling machines, IEG possesses 2 heavy-duty Vertical Machining Centre which can cater workpiece of 6mWx4.5mWx2.9mH and 20m x 5.5m x 5.5mH both with a load capacity of 25 tons.

Our Vertical Lathe can cater to 2m Diameter and 1.25mH workpiece.

Our Horizontal Boring Centers can machine 2m workpiece weighing up to 6 tons.

IEG’s quality division also possesses 2 CMM Devices consisting of Faro Arm and Faro Laser Tracker in addition to the arrays of other measuring instruments that can be found here.

Precision Machining Capabilities

1. Turning
  • Vertical Turning Lathe: Up to 2000MM DIA X 1250MM LG – Max 7MT
  • Horizontal Turning Lathe: Up to 600MM DIA X 3000MM LG – Max 2MT
  • 2. Milling
  • Horizontal Milling Center: 2000MM (L) X 1500MM (W) X 1700MM (H) – Max 6 MT
  • Vertical Milling Center: 6000MM (L) X 4500MM (W) X 2900MM (H) – Max 25 MT 20000MM (L) X 5500MM (W) X 5500MM (H) – Max 25MT
  • 3. Deep Hole Drilling
  • Horizontal Drilling: Drilling up to 4.00” DIA – Boring up to 10” DIA – Length 8M
  • 4. Honing
  • Horizontal Honing: Up to 18” DIA – Length 10M
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